Blackberry Festival 2018

Blackberry Orchard

Berries For Sale ~ Pick Your Own ~ Famous BBQ

Fri, Jun 22nd (8.46pm)
We are closed today, but we will be open tomorrow (8am - 2pm), Monday (3pm - 7pm), and Wednesday (3pm - 7pm)

Welcome to the Almond Farm Blackberry Orchard

For over 15 years Almond Farms have been producing some of the sweetest, most succelent blackberries this side of the Mississippi, and you and your family can enjoy the pleasure of coming to Almond Farmsto pick up a punnet or two, or pick your own right from the thornless vines in our orchard.

Blackberry BBQ Sauce

Almond Farms are delighted to announce their very own blend of delicious Blackberry BBQ Sauce, made with a secret blend of sweet honey from our own hives, and delicious fresh blackberries picked straight from the vine. It is something you simply have to try!

Also try out "Earl's Kindly Warm" - a tomato/vinegar based Carolina BBQ Sauce that is produced from a family recipe over 100 years old!

Grab some fine honey and herbs too!

Almond Farms are not only famous for our blackberries and Christmas trees, we also are proud to offer our amazing honey, delicious and fresh.


And don't miss our range of fresh in the ground herbs, including rosemary and basil. You can't get fresher, you can't get better than Almond Farms!